The convergence of light-emitting diode technology, photobioreactor design, algal biotechnology and low energy processing costs make biological fixation of geothermal CO2 into fine chemicals feasible. The Center for Systems Biology is working on projects, supported by Techincal Innovation Fund/Rannis that are aimed at:

  • determining the key performance characteristics of a core unit of a photobioreactor-based factory,
  • designing and initiating scale-up of these units into versatile modules,
  • determining the spectrum of algal strains that can be cultivated with this system.

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The Center for Systems Biology also works on projects to produce valuable compounds, such as acetate or butanol using fermentation using H2 and CO2 from geothermal power plants as the feed.  The main objectives are:

  • Determine the performance parameters
  • Design a scale-up
  • Select microbes



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